We Advocate

"New Leaf ,New life" management concept, and strive to create exclusive product services for customers.

We Promise

Provide the highest quality herbal extracts in the industry, To provide quality customer services at reasonable prices.


NewLeaf Herb Co., Ltd located in the High-Tech Zone of Xi’an City, Shaanxi province, Is a collection of high-end plant extracts, plant protein and natural pigment research and development, production and sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises.It is based on Shaanxi Qinba Mountains’ rich resources of Chinese herbal medicine and natural ecological environment, using the modern new and high technology with the traditional process, the development and production of a variety of high-quality extracts applied for food, health care products, cosmetics and other industries. providing raw materials and exquisite technical services in a reliable way.

Company’main products include RhodiolaExtract( Rosavins and salidroside), Epimedium Extract,Black Rice Extract series (Black rice anthocyanins, C3G, Black rice protein),Green Tea Extract and other plant extracts; and Purple sweet potato pigment,Purple cabbage, Beet red pigment, Natural pigments such as Gardenia Yellow pigment, at present our products have been exported to the United States,Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries, we all have a good reputation in the customer base.